The Entrepreneur’s Solution Videocast Mel Abraham from The Entrepreneur’s Solution reveals all of his business and entrepreneur building strategies.

In this episode, #1 Bestselling Author and Highly Acclaimed business & Entrepreneur Expert, Mel Abraham, talks about moving from goal-setting to goal-getting using something called The Achievement Ladder. If we are not focused on achievement and goal-getting, we end up with spotty success, we have a complete lack of drive and we start to stew pessimism. When we get it right, we will walk through the success gateway, we are hyper-driven and we approach things with a knowing.

Here are the 3 things that you need to know:

  1. Micro-successes are key
  2. Blame builds walls
  3. Positive expectancy

The Achievement Ladder

Goals are useless unless they are energized by emotion. They should be aligned with your vision and purpose. This ladder of achievement is meant to infuse you with the energy so you move from goals to success.

Personal Growth: At the very bottom of this framework is personal growth. In order for you to succeed, you need to be willing to do things and have that inherent desire to grow.


  • Purpose: Why are you doing this? Why do you want this goal? Write it down because purpose is effectively your emotional why.
  • Passion: What is the passion you bring to it? You got to have strong emotions behind it so that you and your team will get behind the mission.
  • Patience: Have the patience to continue on the path to build things. You can’t control everything but you need to have the patience to deal with the setbacks and move forward.


  • Plan: What are the bite-sized action steps that you have in place? You need to plan out the resources, people and help that you need in your journey.
  • People: Who are the people you need? Success is never a solitary pursuit. Think of the people you need like employees, team and customers.
  • Positivity: Have positive expectancy. Be idealistic as well as realistic. Come up with 2 to 3 emotionally compelling positive statements to bring you back to the center.



Mel is the founder of Business Breakthrough Academy and Thoughtpreneur Academy where he helps entrepreneurs bring their businesses to the world and build the lifestyle that they want. Mel is one the most sought after entrepreneurial mentor and strategic thinkers of our time. Unlike many other so called “business coaches”, Mel has lived everything he teaches and continues to do so. Mel has built, bought and sold numerous multimillion-dollar businesses for himself as well as his clients. As the author of The Entrepreneur’s Solution: The Modern Millionaire’s Path to More Profit, Fans & Freedom Entrepreneur, Mel’s strategies have helped build thousands of businesses and have generated hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients, ranging from large corporations to startups and small family-owned businesses.

Mel is a true believer in the entrepreneurial way of life and says that this “new frontier” is the paradigm that will shift society from simply existing to living life bigger, bolder and on their own terms.

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The Entrepreneur's Solution is a weekly entrepreneur, business, wealth and lifestyle show where entrepreneur, speaker and author Mel Abraham reveals all of his business and entrepreneur building strategies. Mel is one of our time's most sought after mentors and speakers that not only teaches but also lives what he teaches. Discover how to design, create and build your business so it gives you the life and lifestyle you want.

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